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Friday, 27 April 2007





oh i love those skirts. and the one you're wearing in the autumn pic! i love fall too, so this post generally made me very happy.


Good Kirk. Are you role playing how W would respond? [Sprizee kneels down and pats Kirk on the head.] Here's a cookie for your efforts.

Thanks Brookem! Seasons and skirts are great, great, great.


Any chance I could score a cookie too? I love cookies.


Chris, I'm baking an apple cake today. If I could figure out how to send you a piece and share I would. But I have a feeling it wouldn't taste the same after a trip to the east coast.


Mmm. Cookies and skirts.


Absolutely adorable skirts. I like the brown one. And no one can have too many skirts. Or shoes. Or eye shadows. Or skeins of yarn. At least, that's what I tell my husband.


Amanda, You know what I starting thinking last night? Those cute little birds which seem to be everywhere these days might just be our generations owls and mushrooms. And the thought of wearing a skirt with an orange and brown owl, makes my skin crawl.


Ok. Yeah, I can't get behind (in?) that skirt. It looks like the cookie jar my grandmother used to have. Do you really think the cute birds will be as hideous to our future generation as that owl is to us?


Probably. I remember thinking how hideous bell bottom jeans from the 70s were. Well now they're called flare jeans, and well, that's just another term for bell bottom. Fashion is so cyclical. I hate to say it, but today's birds are tomorrow's owls.

chez shoes

Damn. Just what I needed. And so, so cute!

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