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Monday, 30 April 2007



I'm saving my donations for after the primaries. Anyone but McCain, Guiliani, and those other douchebags.


I applaud your plea and your willingness to take that type of action. Personally, my support in with Hillary as it has been since the day the GWB was last elected into office.


My concern about Hillary is that she's been so demonized by the Right that she may not be able to get the numbers needed to win. And I also thing the demonizing will get worse when the Rove propaganda machine gets rolling.

And let's not forget there are a lot of rednecks in this country that would never vote for a woman.


Kirk, "Rednecks would never vote for a woman" is not a good reason to dismiss any candidate. I'll file that under just kidding.


Sadly, there's more of them than us.


I think it's cool that you have found a candidate to support. My jury is always out until election day...it feels like these guys change so much from the time that they are just "hopefuls" to the time that they are "candidates" that I almost feel betrayed.


Quit yer bickerin' folks.


I voted for Anthropologie.

Isnt it time to get a new skirt or bangle from there?

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