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Friday, 06 April 2007



MAY? Isn't it April? And this evil cold front has come to town. It is actually cold here.


Shit, I never can keep track of what month is it. March flew by in a hurry.


Damn, it almost reached 80 today. It's still 67 degrees as I comment on your post at 9:00pm. Pretty amazing stuff.




It is fucking 37 here today. 37! Fuck that noise. Why does Jesus and/or the Easter Bunny hate America?


Sewing classes? I envy you. You'd think one could find everything imaginable in Los Angeles, but no - I have yet to find a sewing class that doesn't suck.


I love that dress.

How was the ballet? Carmina Burana is one of my favorites (we attempted O Fortuna my freshman year in band...we kinda sucked) and I had no idea that someone created a ballet to it. I imagine it was...powerful.


You have the most adorable sense of fashion!

Your flickr photos make me want to go camping!


Marielle, I haven't taken one yet but I'll be taking the skirt one in May with a friend. I figure I know enough to be able to make my way through it even if it's not so great. But hopefully it will be worth the $35 fee.

Amanda, Me too. That's why I bought it in 2 colors. The ballet wasn't my favorite but it was very good. I love a good story and it was a little all over the place, but that's the idea. I loved Swan Lake. That said, I also have really enjoyed some of the more modern pieces that have no story at all. Basically it comes down to my mood and the amount of sleep I got the day before. File me under fickle.

Pants, You're too nice.


I can't believe it was 70 while I was away ... that sound wrong - it sounds like I missed it but actually I was sitting in hotter weather with drinks under my belt and a beach. I think I'm currently in post travel depression. Oh, and G'day!


I love a lot of those things too! Send that 70 down here...we're on blizzard watch again. Ugh.

Ari (Baking and Books)

First time visiting here and what a happy post! It's nice to have so many things to be thankful for. :)

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