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Monday, 16 April 2007



I pretty much napped all weekend. And spent several hundred less than you. But I did get a new home theatre receiver so I now have 7.1 dolby fucking digital. And more importantly, my Apple TV, HD cable box and HD dvd player can all play nicely in glorious HD.


You might wanna try JC Penny for the curtains - sometimes they come through when Target disappoints.


I pretty much love the trash-bag booties. Good band name too.


Kirk, I don't recall spending much actually money since we used a lot of gift cards.

Chris, I will give that a try if Bed Bath and Beyond doesn't come thru. The curtains I picked up at Kmart looked good in the package and then when I got them home and removed them from the clear packaging, they looked like thin bed sheets. So, one more thing to return.

Katy, That is a good band name.


I think the lilacs are what I miss the most about growing up on my parent's acreage. Funny how seeing a picture can bring back a memory with a smell attached.

The trash bag boots are hilarious. They look like something my husband would fashion. I, on the other hand, wouldn't think of that. But then, I hate painting, so maybe that's why I wouldn't think of it.


There's an Iraq Memorial in the bay area I've been meaning to photograph...

I've had the best luck finding curtains at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Ikea is also good.

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