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Wednesday, 30 May 2007



I have a few additions for this list:

Loch Ness Monster
Good looking curly hair
Gary Coleman
A normal blogger


Great list and Egan's last addition makes me giggle. So true.


Heard on the radio on the way home from work that two years ago today Dick Cheney said we're seeing the final throes of the insurgency. Since then I think she said nearly 1850 US soldiers have been killed. FUCK YOU DICK CHENEY!

PS: 2859 troops have died since the war started. May and April 2007 are proving to be the most deadly since the fucking thing started.


Reading that list reminded me of that Pyramid show.


Oh, and now Netflix is down which means I need to go all the way into the other room to see what movies I can watch tonight. Dammit!


Ha, I love the pyramid reference. It makes me want to shout "Things that are impossible to find!"

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