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Thursday, 23 August 2007



You hoard things? Have you been hanging out with my mom? That camera does look ultra cool.


Girl you know its true. I love to stalk thrift stores for discarded treasures. But I have a policy not to buy things that don't have a function. Things that are cute but don't do anything are referred to as dust collectors by me. And I hate dusting.

If this camera doesn't actually work, back it goes.


I'll have to send to pictures of my vintage cameras. I am not a collector but I do have 3 classics hat got handed down to me years ago.


Ooh, what kinds Chris?


My vintage camera is a first generation 1MP HP digital camera. Connects to a PC with a serial port [you know those things that came before USB].

Actually I have a Canon SLR that was my dads and has to be 30 years old.


Theres a Six-20 Brownie Junior, a Macy Associate 120 Flash (with the flash unit), and a Sears 8MM Tower Movie Camera - Pix are on the way via email.

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