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Monday, 27 August 2007



I like the photographic proof of said list being done.


See how there's no picture of the actual list? That's because I didn't bother to write one.


Panko = Yummo!


A couple of those plants are still in containers. I have a really bad habit of buying plants and not actually getting them in the ground.


Good call Egan. Those ones are still in the containers too. I can't figure out where to plant them and I'm kind of holding off since I don't want them to get trampled when we put up the next fence...hopefully sometime soon. First, the bamboo needs to be dealt with (by our neighbors).

Our neighbors on the other side have morning glory and ivy. I think that pretty much covers all the non-invasive plants you don't want in your yard. Oh, yeah and blackberries. We've got those attacking from both neighbor's yards.


Yeah, we have blackberries everywhere. Be thankful you don't have California Poppies, those suckers are a bitch to get rid of like morning glory and ivy.

I see your neighbor is no longer employed with channel four.

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