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Wednesday, 22 August 2007



You mean Thee Danny? I think I remember that guy. Good on him for keeping his dream alive. I need to follow his lead.

sally simpleton

Yay for Danny. His food is so dreamy...


Egan, The one and only. Dreams should be followed. I think you'd make an awesome teacher. What do you say?

Sally, Just like him. People from the south rule!


This person agrees with me.


Singing the Grateful Bread made me feel drunk. Wait. That's because I am drunk.


Sprizee, I love how loyal you are to your friends. You're all sorts of awesome. That's a great review for your buddy's Airstream.


As a recent fan of street food, I've often wondered why Seattle doesn't have more of it. Why oh why is Seattle so lame in that way? Whhhhhyyyyy??? The cream cheese hot dogs are great, but you can only get them in certain parts of town at certain hours. But now Skillet Street Food comes along to the rescue! Very cool.

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