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Thursday, 04 October 2007



I hope one of the conditions of Wheelson loaning you his camera is that the Dude doesn't touch it. He'll find a body of water to drop it into.


Huh? I think you mis-read something, or everything. I think you need a vacation Kirk.


Me, loan someone a camera? Dude, I don't even loan my camera to my WIFE.

Seriously it's sort of a strange thing to let someone borrow a camera if they're just going to shoot a few shots with it. I mean, here's the roll of film with all of these images that I decided to capture, but then one or two that were taken by someone else. It's like sharing tooth brushes or something. Mmm, maybe like letting someone take a sip of your milkshake.

Milkshake, that reminds me, Spriz you and Dude must save room to eat at Fiamma Burger this weekend at some point.


Farmoween! Love it. Have fun! We're going to be doing our Arbor Lodge (home of Arbor Day) stuff next weekend for my birthday, me thinks. I love October.


I think Egan would enjoy that link now that I explore it. Being a tree lover and all.


Ha, I used to belong to that Arbor Day Foundation Armalicious. You bet your bottom dollar I love trees.


I need a vacation! And now, after help from you and all weekend to study the comment, I see now that the question about borrowing the camera was in the parentheses and meant that "your" in that context meant the dude. Not the "your" of Wheelson. I guess I should just go back to ignoring anything in parentheses like I used to.

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