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Tuesday, 27 November 2007



Holy moley - that's quite the many rocks. I actually like it a lot but would have to have a major bake sale to fund that one. I'm sure someone else will love it. Sweet ad by the way ...


Really? I'm not a fan. Then again I'm not really into sparkley things because they're super awesome at destroying sweaters, if you're klutzy like I am. Plus, it has 80s written all over it. (No offense dead grandma. P.S. You have an awesome grandson.)


Your talent is much too great for slinging computer thingies or whatever. You should become a copywriter for people's eBay or CL entries. I'd love to see what you could do with the personals section.


That sounds like an awesome job. Where do I apply?


I need a laugh, very funny. It's true about the sweaters.

sally simpleton

they're super awesome at destroying sweaters

It sorta reminds me of a ring I found in a Pizza Hut in Baton Rouge when I was 16. I bet it's still sitting on my dresser back home.


sprizee, you had me at marketing.

chez shoes

Damn, you're good.


It is ALL about semantics!

You did a beautiful job. Now I need help selling my dining room table. ha ha

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