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Wednesday, 16 January 2008



I love when you're motivated and post new stuff on your blog. Politics is a good topic. Obama has my vote thus far. I'm really glad he spoke out about all this MLK nonsense. I do think his camp got a bit worked up unnecessarily about Hillary's comment. Like I said, he's still my man.


I have to admit when I heard Clinton's comment about LBJ, that it didn't become real until the President agreed to take action, didn't hold much water with me. It seemed to dismiss MLK and all the freedom fighters which LIVED the reality, even though I'm assuming the point she meant to make was that it takes both talking and action to get things done. And that you need a President with EXPERIENCE to do that, although she rarely defines what she means by experience.

But comparing herself to LBJ didn't seem like the best move to me. I'm just glad we're moving on.


Yeah, I think they blew that one out of proportion. Many high ranking black leaders thought it was wrong of Obama's camp to get so hellbent on it. It was all about context. Hillary is good, just not as good as Obama.


I'm glad they aren't fighting about the MLK/LBJ bullshit. Yes, if it wasn't for MLK, Johnson wouldn't have pressed for the Civil Rights Bill. A couldn't happen without B and vice versa.

I'm going to vote for Obama, but will vote for whoever isn't the person with the (R) after their name.

It really bothers me that there are many people are incapable of seeing that just because Clinton has a vagina and Obama has more pigment in his skin that they are incapable of being president. Which is bullshit. That shouldn't matter, but I imagine the Fox News/Rove Ugly Hate Machine will feed on gender and race. Of course, they have nothing to stand on. Bush has fucked things up pretty hardcore and still has a year to make things worse.


Egan, Who? Show me a clip or a quote. I'm not saying it didn't happen but what exactly did this camp get all hellbent about?


Let me find it for you... be back later..

Yes, you are calling me a liar. Shame on you, making me prove shit.


Very well said. I am currently supporting Clinton for the nomination but I have strong confidence in her, Obama, and Edwards ability to do right by us and whomever gets the nod, I hope the running ticket is 2 of these 3.


Read this and this when you get a chance. Keep in mind I still support Obama. All this fighting over race is exactly what the folks with Rs after their names want.

CAPTCHA is my bi-atch

Great post! I, too, am really liking Obama and hope he gets the nomination. I just like what he has to say and how he says it. I don't get that ick feeling that I get from most of the other candidates.

I also don't understand all the religious crap. I love my mother to death, but if she sends me one more chain email telling me how Obama is a Muslim who wants to take over America and support Africa, then I will seriously freak out. Have you seen that email that's going around about the church that Obama used to go to? It's so ridiculous. And it totally contradicts the email - because it's a Christian church. So, um...how is he Muslim again? I hate chain emails. And who is saying he wants to take away a woman's right to choose? I haven't seen that stance from him. Everything I have read says that he is pro-choice.


Egan, You didn't offer any statements or proof that Obama's campaign "blew it out of proportion". I read both articles and not once is there a direct quote from either Obama or anyone associated with his campaign being "hellbent". If anything, both those articles confirmed my belief that Obama wants to remain focused on the facts.

From one of the articles you cited...I couldn't agree more.

Obama said he had never commented on her earlier statement but said it had "offended some folks who felt that somehow diminished King's role in bringing about the Civil Rights Act.

"She is free to explain that but the notion that somehow this is our doing is ludicrous," he told reporters.

And, no, I am not calling you a liar, but yes, I am asking you to back up your claims with factual information.

Captcha, Your mom and my dad are on the same email chain, me thinks. :)


Wow, you're all over this. I'm pretty sure the issue was addressed in those articles. But whatevs... I will retool and get back to you.

I have to give Obama mad props for moving on when there are trivial bumps in the road.

He may not have commented, but it doesn't mean his supporters (i.e. camp) didn't blow it out of proportion. That's a tactic many politicians use. Of course, on record he never said anything. Again, I'm not coming down on him, I like the guy. There's a reason he wants to bury this though.

Are you blinded by his good looks? Drinking the Obamade™? He's not perfect, but I do think he's best suited for the job.


You're still making claims without showing me any proof. Nothing makes me more irate. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear? Where in those articles did it back up your claims that Obama's camp was hellbent and blowing things out of proportion?

Feel free to point me to other articles if you can't find proof in the ones you originally cited. I'm not saying proof doesn't exist, just that I haven't seen any.

Share some facts with me to help me see your point. Otherwise, you're just telling me a fairy tale.


I can't wait to chat with you come June or July when there's a lot more of this shit going around.

YOU WIN*! Nice one using "fairy tale".

*source: my head


Are you ceding that perhaps Obama's camp wasn't hellbent or blowing things out of proportion? I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, but I think often people are far too quick to jump to conclusions without looking at the actual facts.

If you find some facts about Obama's camp being in the wrong, you know where to find me. Jesse Jackson Jr., I'm talking to YOU.

P.S. And yes, there is a reason he wants to bury it. Is it so hard to imagine that even if he was not necessarily in the wrong, he might still want to end it, because he wants to stay focused on the real issues?

If I was blinded by good looks, Edwards would have my vote. I like a little meat on my men, if you know what I'm saying. Someone hand Obama a sandwich.


You made a funny.

I'm sorry I can't cite the source since it's something I heard on tv. It was an opinion express by someone on NBC, but oh well.

This is going to be a very fun election year. We have to stay united though. This bickering over shit like this does nobody any good. That said, I'm not talking about this matter anymore.

Can we talk about Obama's ethanol plans instead?


An opinion expressed by someone on NBC. By who? Someone in his camp or just hearsay from a third party? EGAN, THIS IS HOW RUMORS GET STARTED. You're royally pissing me off. Stop making claims unless you have facts to back them up.

P.S. Way to change the subject.


Fuck, I'm not biting Sprizee. You Win over and out!


Biting, backing up claims you're making. Who's counting?

Who needs a hug?


I hear Obama prefers Subway over Quiznos.

I read somewhere Obama thinks Gap jeans are the shit.

I also heard him say blogging is for the birds.

*source: unknown


I said YOU WIN about this whole discussion and that I'm no longer talking about it thus the "I'm not biting" comment of mine.

I'm no longer texting you cool shit 8 times a week, you're down to seven.

Obama just called me to discuss stuff. Oh, I've shaken his hand and not Hillary's. Does that mean anything to you?

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