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Wednesday, 23 January 2008



I can't wait to see this clip with audio. It wasn't so compelling without audio, but Jon is still quite dreamy.


Yes, Mr. Stewart is on record as giving everyone an equal opportunity to be made fun of.


Double down for Bill!

Diane Mandy

I don't think Barack was out of line for complaning about Bill's political tactics. Some of what has been going in in the Clinton campaign has only strenthened my support for Obama.


who can outdo who? don't you love politics?


Egan, Lucky for you the sub-titled Bill's remarks so you don't need sound. Lucky.

Kirk, Rush and Pat Robertson disagree with you, I'm sure.

Egan, That's what she said.

Diane, You have to wonder why Bill is spending so much time focused on talking trash about Obama when he could be talking up how great his wife is instead. I just hope people are paying attention.

Kelwhy, I don't like politics if it means making stuff up and then trying to sell it as the truth. But if you mean politics as getting your message out and trying to make a difference, then yes, I love politics.


rush? The band from Canada?

Am I the only one that thinks bill should STFU? As a popular ex-president he's going to attract attention but he should sit on the sidelines and let her drive.


Kirk, Hell no. I agree with you. He's getting down in the mud and it's kind of pathetic, but I'm sure for some people who don't think about what he's saying and do some fact checking on their own, it will actually work.

I was just saying there will always be some fanatic that claims bias no matter how evenly the facts are pointed out.


if Putin says something bad about Hillary's foreign policy, will he whine about it? First spouses should be seen and not heard. She's running Bill.


Ha, fact checking, now that's some funny shit.

P.S. I was in your 'hood again today, but not for fun. Had to visit the pediatrician. Our poor little girl can't buy a break these days.

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