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Friday, 04 January 2008



Tim Eyman loves you! I like that you're getting involved and it will make a huge difference. Obama right?


Back so soon? No citizen's arrest here. You have until August to get your hands free device and your estate in order. Just say no to cell phones while driving!

Oh yes, me likes Obama. Barack rocks.


Sprizee, the Prius does have Bluetooth so I'm usually good on the hands free thing. See, August it is.

In 2004 we took part in the caucus for our district. You should really consider it since it's a great experience and you get to learn much more about the issues and the subtle differences between the candidates.


February 9th is already on my calendar.


Costco+Exercise=Mutlitasking, be proud!


I am not signing up for WA democrats. The last time Obama was here, it was pandemonium. My part of the state if very blue. Unfortunately TX will go for the Republitards in November even if the candidate kills puppies on live TV. It's great not to have your vote counted!

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