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Sunday, 27 January 2008


Diane Mandy

Wow is right. It will be intersting to see how Bill behaves after yeserday's win. After viewing this quote, I'm thinking not very well! By the way, I thought Obama's victory speech was AMAZING! Like you have said before, I hope America is paying attention.


I like what Obama had to say about some of the tactics being used:

We are up against the idea that it’s acceptable to say anything and do anything to win an election. We know that this is exactly what’s wrong with our politics; this is why people don’t believe what their leaders say anymore; this is why they tune out. And this election is our chance to give the American people a reason to believe again.


Embarrassing the Clinton would be messing with his legacy by playing politics.


Kirk, Huh?


Stupid iPhone. I meant to say that I find it embarrassing that Bill Clinton is sullying his legacy by playing these stupid games. Jesse Jackson?


Did he just play the race card? I think he's got to get out of the limelight stat! He's going to kill his wife's chances. Bill is becoming the new Britney.

sally simpleton

Totally, Egan. Totally. My opinion of him had improved in the 8 years since he was gone, but it only took the last month of campaigning for me to get right back to being totally turned off. It does make me love Obama all the more.

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