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Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Diane Mandy

Wow. I wonder if the guy has any HR in his company? Probabaly not because it's hard to believe an ad would be posted like that. I would LOVE to meet the person who takes that job.


What a douchebag. Guy wants a mom. His website is even scarier.

There are things his company does that I might be interested in hiring it to do. But there's no way I'd recommend this company based on that job posting (yes, part of my evaluation process includes googlechecking things like that). Skeevy vibe = pass. So thanks.

Also, noticed the company had job postings here. No thank you.


What a total freaking nightmare! I can't believe he posted such a long job description...or that I read the entire thing.

My favorite part:
"So, it's a little bit like having a verbally excited genius twelve year old with too much testosterone at times."

CAPTCHA is my bi-atch

I totally read the entire thing, too. Because I was having a hard time deciding if it was for real or not. I know that you said it was, but still. And why am I picturing the movie The Secretary when I read this?

And I'm curious as to the salary. Because in my mind I"m thinking NO amount of money could ever get me to apply for that job.


what a dream job.... ;)


I had the same reaction. It was so fucking long but I was compelled to keep reading.


I bet he had someone create that stupid site of "his". I want to meet the guy so I can fart in his general direction. I read the job thing yesterday, but I can't be bothered with the crappy site. It reads as if you jumped in the middle of a conversation.


Did anyone else checkout the website? That's a little scary too...


The scariest part is that this guy mentions keeping in contact with "the nanny" which means he's procreated.


Man, I love reading the responses this guy puts out there. I think this guy doesn't have an on/off switch on his mind. It seems like it's always going. His emails to KVI crack me up.

chez shoes

Wow. I appreciate his honesty, but - wow. I'm almost scared to look at his website!

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