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Monday, 18 February 2008


sally simpleton

We were at the Sunset Bowl on Saturday night to celebrate the birthdays of curious_cynic and beatnikside. That place was packed. Some in our group had gathered starting at 7:30 -- tibadoh and I arrived at 9:30 and they were STILL waiting for an open lane. They snagged one by 10:30.

It was mostly too packed to be laid-back fun. I bowled for pamopticon while she ran off for a frame. I got a spare for her and decided that should be my final one at the Sunset (tibadoh was out altogether, saying, "I don't roll on shabbas"). Mostly, I ran with the excuse "I gotta save my arm for Monday nights in West Seattle." I've since learned that some of them rollergirls thought I was being serious since they know moto is on Gutter Fabulous with us.

P.S. The Sunset karaoke was painful -- I could never re-enter the bar/karaoke area after hearing "Silent All these Years" while waiting in line for bourbon. "Um, make that a double."


Sally! Go back outside. Weather! Fabulous!


Yesterday was nice here too. Of course, that's normal. It was abnormal on Saturday.

I had to work on President's Day.


The greatest sentence in blogging in 2008 thus far, "You haven't really had hum bow until you've had Pike Place Mee Sum."


Oh I love me a pork hum bow from Mee Sum. Ohhhhhhh...

I worked today too.


I soaked up the sun for you yesterday doing some yardwork, wandering through a local park, and climbing a tree. I think I sent you evidence of such tree climbing. Today is pretty nice out too. Makes living here in the wet Northwest all the better, we appreciate the sun big time.

$35 for an hour of bowling? Wow, I haven't bowled in a long time. That means it must cost like $50/hour at The Garage.


Gosh, wasn't yesterday just wonderful? Mr. Cakespy and I went downtown and to the market...wonder if we passed each other?


We decided to head downtown on Sunday too and walk around and soak in some sun. It's fun to know everyone in Seattle had the same idea.

There is apparently a new late-night bowling alley in Bellevue of all places but I think I saw their prices up around $75. Hopefully at that price you won't get Gonorrhea from the bathroom like at Sunset.

I have a better idea: lawn bowling at Sprizee and the Dude's!


fire woman you're to blame

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