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Thursday, 28 February 2008



I've always wanted to buy a vintage typewriter for my DH the sportswriter. It's so romantic. But alas, we have zero extra space.

And I can't believe they're discontinuing instant film. You can do the coolest things with developing pictures and whatnot. What a shame.


Not blogging eh? I like that you broadcast this on your blog. I think it's time I send a photo of you to The Drudge Report in Latin American garb.


Tiffany, They do make compact versions but if you don't have the space stay away. Buying cool stuff you don't have room for makes is really hard to clean house.

Egan, Would you prefer I recount a story about running down a hallway acting like a monkey? Oh wait, it's already been done.


You really got this in under the February nick of time ... Can you believe it's almost March? Gah ...


Seattle is so much cooler than Utah. (crosses arms, sticks out bottom lip)

Sicilian Mama

Avoiding trip planning makes the trip that much more enjoyable. At least...it makes me feel better saying that when I avoid planning.

I like sunshine, too. It rules.


Katy, I know. I kind of can't. March is a busy month with an anniversary and a birthday. But this year it's super busy with a business trip and vacation. I'll be out of the office for four weeks. Very bizarre.

Pants, I'm pretty sure Utah is much cooler than Utah. Only literally speaking. Pass the snow shovel.

Sicilian Mama, I'm all for it this time around.


If that wasn't a total birthday heads up I don't know what is! Since you'll be out for 4 weeks, Happy Birthday! Four weeks?? Sheesh. Pura Vida!


I did get confirmation that even after they stop selling Polaroid film, you can still shake it like a Polaroid picture.


Kirk, That song doesn't even make sense. Shaking doesn't help it develop any faster. If anything you only risk smudging the print, especially if it's an old school Polaroid without the protective plastic coating on the film.


Sprizee, are you scrutinizing OutKast's lyrics? That's one of my fave songs yo!

Ha, mocking me will get you nowhere fast young lady. I've got your Pyrex and I plan on holding it ransom.

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