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Thursday, 06 March 2008



It just won't happen Sprizee. Wait, Bush did get re-elected didn't he? I like the idea of having Florida and Michigan vote again and distributing delegates the right way. I miss Howard Dean.

Hey, you can always vote for Nader or Ron Paul. What I love about Mr. Nader is he tries to position himself as the alternative to the Republicans and Democrats, but when you arrive at the voter booth on election day... there are a myriad of other candidates too.


Two things Eg:

1) Howard Dean wants a do-over (but doesn't want to pay for it with the Dem's money)

2) Paul is a Republican and has already said he wouldn't run as a spoiler. Since McCain has the delagates, Paul is back in Lake Jackson trying to hold onto his House seat.

I still will vote Dem in November no matter who runs because I want to make sure that McCain doesn't nominate more terrible people to the Supreme Court. McCain has admitted he doesn't know shit about the economy so we'll get more of what Bush is doing. Let's review:

A euro now costs $1.51; A pound is now $2.00; Oil is $100+ a barrel; Gold is $1000/oz.

And I'm certain BushMcCain will go to war with Iran.


Kirk, yes Dean does want a do-over. I like how he's standing firm though and not offering to fund the re-vote in those states. The two states decided to mess with the rules and now they have to answer to their voters. I don't think the DNC should fund it.

I love you man!


I knew that you felt strongly about Obama but didn't know how strongly against Clinton you were.

What are the most troubling things about Clinton to you?


I hope Clinton does get the nomination so you DO vote for Perot...or another third-party candidate..more people need to do so.


Indie - what does a third party candidate bring to the table? I've seen so many interviews with Mr. Nader and he does nothing other than point blame. I don't think he's offered any solutions to anything. The guy is a great consumer advocate, but shouldn't be running for president.

Hey Chris, up until about three weeks ago I was giving Hillary the benefit of the doubt. On the issues, the two aren't much different. However there's a key ingredient I've noticed her to be missing, polish. Something doesn't go her way and she's like a whiny kid in a candy store. The Michigan and Florida stuff typifies this example. Now, maybe I should start a blog.

Diane Mandy

Let's hope for a favorable do-over. I was so disappointed with Tuesday nights results. And Pennsylvania doesn't look promising.


My husband and I both despise Hillary. We always quote the Janet Jackson song, "What have you done for me lately?" She's a god-awful senator - probably because she's only senator so she can run for president - which says what about her dedication?????

She's just evil. I'd love to see a do-over in MI and FL.


Reasons I cringe when I think about HRC getting the nomination:

Negative campaigning, truth bending and just outright lying....

HRC offers fear. Obama offers hope. What does Bill have to say about this?

HRC has been unwilling thus far to release her tax records citing that she's simply too busy right now. Don't insult my intelligence. No one thinks she's going to be the one doing all the paperwork. She has 5 million dollars lying around that she can donate to her campaign, but she can't afford to hire an accountant? Let's get real. If she wanted to share, it would have already happened. Convenient that she's going to wait until after all the votes have been counted to release this information.

HRC attacks Obama as all talk and no action. Obama offers both talk and action.

HRC seems willing to win at any cost. The 3AM ad was a good example of this.

HRC, when asked if she thought Obama was a muslim said, "no...not as far as I know". Are you kidding me? Shameful.

I find both Clintons to be untrustworthy and willing to say whatever is popular at the time and place to get the support they need. Their campaign is just more of the same.

And why the hell is she saying that the Republican candidate is more qualified to be president than Obama? Because she wants to win at any cost, that's why. No thanks.


Sprizee - what really sucks here is that you had to even include a clip of Bill. He's got to step out of the limelight. This isn't his gig to win or lose. In my mind he's hurting HRC's chances.

For me it's all about character. I'm not too impressed with many of Hillary's tactics. It's going to haunt her down the stretch here.


Eg- Sprizee's clip from Bill was from 2004. Bill has been out of the spotlight since S.Carolina and his "well S.Carolina voted for Jesse Jackson" bullshit.

In Texas, Bill did come to open the Austin HRC HQ and on election day called into a rock en español station in San Antonio.

Sprizee completely articulated why I'm not a fan of HRC. She's a hack politician like McCave is. We don't need that.


Also, she voted for that stupid telecom immunity BS. I know these companies broke the law and all but it was in the name of intelligence...so what's the harm W says. Again, I say, 10 million Americans are talking to terrorist? American intelligence is above the law? I don't think so and that's not how America works. If you don't like the law, change it. But don't break it and then make another law later giving yourself and your companions immunity after the fact.


But this THIS has to be my favorite reason why I'm not a fan. She didn't take the time to read a 90 page document before she voted on the war. Instead she choose to simply be briefed on the matter. HRC's right. Actions do speak louder than words and those actions are telling me that her judgement and priorities are severely out of line.

I really am curious in light of all the above, how could one possibly think she's got more experience than Obama? Unless experience just means who's older. In that case, she wins.


then there's this


I cited a similiar video in my first comment Kirk.

And why the hell is she saying that the Republican candidate is more qualified to be president than Obama? Because she wants to win at any cost, that's why. No thanks.


Trust me, I won't be jumping across the aisle to vote for McCain though no matter what. Hillary isn't my first choice as I really want Barack in there. I must confess, Huckabee has grown on me after his own SNL appearance. He seems really likable.

She also tried to tighten the restrictions on video games after the high school shootings in Colorado. She and Joe Lieberman were all over that shit and pointing blame at video games. Maybe she will burn books too.


The likeable arguement also baffles me. Yes, he is likeable and funny but you know who else was likeable and it got him elected? W. Think back. Just because he's funny or nice is not a good reason to vote for him. Huckabee doesn't believe in evolution and he's talked about putting God into the US constitution "where he belongs". WTF?

Oh, I just thought of another reason why HRC's thinking makes me cringe. She voted to ban flag burning. Hello, ever heard of the first amendment HRC?


Sorry Spriz, I read your site from the Iphone sometimes and don't follow linkies to video since it doesn't work 90% of the time. You also seemed to assume that I would actually remember reading the earlier comments. I have the memory of a goldfish (hey! there's a castle in here... whoa! there's a castle!... has that castle always been here?)

I agree 100% with what you're saying. Esp on the Huckabee thing. He's a nice guy, sure, but I wouldn't want him near setting the legislative agenda and Supreme Court justices. Anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-science. Bill Clinton is said to have warned that Dems have to watch out for Huckabee because of his personality and charisma. And Bill should know how far a charismatic affable guy from Hope Arkansas can go.

I am so ready for the election to be over already. I mean Bush just today vetoed the torture bill. Mr. "we don't torture" says we need a torture method to keep us safe. Maybe on TV, but in real life that is bullshit. If Congress can't override the veto it just shows what a bunch of fools there are.

I want my country back.


Sheesh, I wasn't saying I'd vote for the guy. Just that I like him. Ummm, Bush has never likeable in my eyes.


I guess I don't get why you would bring up how you're not ready to jump across the aisle but then in the next breath say you thought someone was likeable. Okay, so you're not voting for him but then why bring that up? How does it relate?

Kirk nails it when he says, "Anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-science." What's likeable about that?

Bill Maher just did a great interview with Hillary Clinton's campaign chair. Very telling.

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