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Thursday, 06 March 2008



It is very telling. I wish Maher would have reminded him that that the world wasn't that much different since in 1993 terrorist set off bombs in the WTC. What a bullshit answer. And not answering the question about the votes/delegates question irks me.

But what irks me most is HILLARY DID NOT WIN TEXAS! And because it has taken so long to announce the caucus results, HRC is considering legal action. I guess she wants the Tx Supreme Court to decide who gets the delegates rather than the voters. And if she doesn't like that will she take it the the US Supreme Court? Sound familiar?


You win Sprizee! Your logic is sound and mine is crap. Go Barack.


It does sound familiar Kirk. This is why I will not vote for HRC. Just like W she feels justified in her stance so she'll taking whatever steps necessary to get where she wants to be. This, I do not like.

She didn't bother to read the 90 page intelligence briefing before she voted on the war.

She voted to ban flag burning.

She voted to give telecomm companies immunity after the fact.

She's now aligning herself with McCain as strong on foreign policy and citing Obama's record as only "that speech he made in 2002".

Seems to me she's willing to compromise on almost anything to get what she wants. Her moral compass seems weak, to say the least.


Egan: "what does a third party candidate bring to the table?" REAL change. They're ridiculed because right now they have no chance. Liberalize ballot access laws and change a system that is almost guaranteed to produce the sort of duopoly we have now and maybe you'd see something.


HRC supporters seem to have cheated in TX Caucus. This + her campaign's instructions to supporters going to the caucus to try and get the sign in sheets even if they are outnumbered by Obama supporters?

And Indie: The probably with the system is you just can't have a 3rd party president. It has to start at the local level. Nothing is getting done in Congress today because the president doesn't have support in Congress and at the same time the Dems don't have enough of a majority to override vetoes.

The ballot access laws aren't the problem. If Nader became president he wouldn't be able to advance his agenda because he would have zero support in congress. If he vetoed legislation, congress could override it.

I agree, we need to have many parties. But start in state governments and then congress then president.




Kirk is right on. It all starts at the local level. People get way too worked up about the presidential election every 4 years and not worked up enough about all the local stuff that really matters.


Kirk: Not while they try to block at it at the state level... Oh well.

The ballot access laws *are* part of the problem, though. If Nader (and I'm no Nader fan) managed to become president surely he'd take some Greens into Congress with him along for the ride.


If Clinton gets the nom, I'm moving to Canada.

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