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Sunday, 06 April 2008



¿por qué usas flash? mi iphone no entiende flash. sin embargo, me encantan las fotos.

¡necesitas más fotos de perezosos!


Then go to Flickr silly.


I love the photos. I like the "white people" comment. Is that third photo a tongue of some sort? I like the way these photos display on your blog. That's a cool Flickr widget.


That pictobrowser is a neat little ap. Thanks for sharing - there are some great shots !


Egan, Fried plantain. I am the whitest white person I know. We're talking glow in the dark white. The person you saw yesterday. That was the uber tan version of me.

Katy, It was neat until I looked at my site in Firefox and everything went wonky so I removed it. Ah well.


No way, it wasn't wonky for me in FF ... bummer!


Seriously loving your Costa Rica photos!


Yeah, what Pants said. Your photos are pretty damn cool. Makes me what to travel, but that's not happening soon with the little one. Well, not exactly true. Fried plantains are so yummy. Have you been to Cactus here in Seattle? They make a great bananas foster for the sweet tooths.


Katy, I think maybe I made the code wonky when I added the flickr text. Anywho!

Pants, Thanks M!

Egan, Thanks. It was great to see you and the little one yesterday. I snagged this great photo of Anna doing some wicked jazz hands. I'll try and post is later tonight. Over and out!


Dope, I will keep an eye on your Flickr account.

"jazz hands"

Diane Mandy

Great photos. Costa Rica is a place I'd love to visit!

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