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Monday, 14 April 2008



Now that's the mark of a great friend. Sometimes I really like the Nordstrom Café greasy food. You and I also have that connection yo.


The Nordstrom Cafe! That's where I was when you called me with the news about Anna's arrival 8 months ago! Must be something magical about the Nordstrom Cafe. Okay, maybe not. But you know what I'm saying yo.


What a fantastic afternoon.


And I didn't even mention the table air hockey or skeeball sparring that happened later that night with another friend. I know some fantastic people.


Well, that wasn't exactly what I was thinking... but yeah. We've had two mutual patrons.


I know. That just jogged my memory. Gosh!

P.S. Can you turn down the cute factor on this thing? It's going off the scales...right before it hit 11.

sally simpleton

Oh! You know that book's author's speaking on Thursday night here in town? I'm thinking of going to see her.


Air hockey AND skeeball?! Now I'm totally jealous.


Sally, Let's go!

Pants, Next time you're in Seattle, it's a date!


Next time Pants is in Seattle, we all need to hang. Hey, that is a cute picture of Baby Singe. Don't you dig the flared jeans?


Egan, Roadtrip to Utah? I'm sure you've got lots of free time. Let's do this thing.


Tix are $199RT from SEA - AUS this weekend. I'll be out of town, but I'm sure the cats wouldn't mind some company.

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