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Wednesday, 18 June 2008



I'm mediumaquamarine.

(Without a space).


Which means?


Things bringing me some measure of joy on your blog:

The Michael Jackson "album" on your spinning list.

"A Confederacy of Dunces" on your Reading list.

and this sentence, "I have NO IDEA why my 500 pixel image isn't displaying properly or why the category I posted it in is showing TWICE but it is REALLY ANNOYING ME. But not enough to troubleshoot the cause or fix it. Just enough to bitch about it here. Yep."


I am cadet blue. Which sort of looked teal to me but WTF do I know about color names?

I wish the quiz would call me out for saying I'm both optimistic and pessemistic, shy and outgoing, artistic and analytical. But thatis who I am: a walking contradiction.

At least I only have one justin timberlake song in my iTunes.


I like your giving props to Cracker.

And that Cars album? I had that. On vinyl.


I shall color the internets Lavender #E6E6F!

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