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Thursday, 26 June 2008


Sicilian Mama

Yeah, I'm wondering the real reason behind this too. We got our notice last week and I was a little bummed. My husband and I have completely different tastes and before he gave me my own profile, the things I was renting and rating was affecting his recommendations. He says that it's not a big deal as he doesn't really go by their recommendations anymore, but still! I want my own queue!


that was the lamest excuse I've ever read for anything ever. LAME.

There are rumors on the internetS that they are doing it to get the hardcore separate queue people will get second accounts. If that's the case it will fail miserably. My guess is they will bring it back due to the "overwhelming demand" but call it the family plan and charge extra for it.

With gas+food costing more people might cancel things like netflex. Of course some bonehead thought this could raise more revenue because it costs even more in gas money to go to a brick and mortar video store.

Netflix needs to worry about iTunes and xbox movie rentals. Even though I'm not affected by this, cutting the value prop for me makes renting online more appealing. Since I have movies at home on the counter I haven't mailed back since Cinco de Mayo, dropping netflix and renting movies when I have time on iTunes or PPV would be cheaper.


Yep, that's totally my theory. I think they thought they'd make more money after people stopped sharing queues but give me a break. So help me I will totally kick them to the curb, if necessary. Just watch me!


Are we in the dark ages as the only ones who don't use separate queues?


Bad Netflix, bad!


They pissed be off a long while back to the point where I dropped them. They claimed I was returning videos to quickly, WTF?


They seriously told you that? Please, The Dude has had the same movie for the last 6 months so I'm pretty sure it all evens out for them. What punks!


People use Netflix still? If I have to watch one more lame Netflix ad on Yahoo featuring Padma, I will take my business elsewhere. Wait, I don't use Netflix and have no clue what Separate Profiles are, I'm old.


...there are polar bears losing their habitat.


So basically, it's sacrifice something cool for the bonehead masses who can't figure something simple out. Same as always.


Netflix caved! profiles will remain:


Now if we can save the polar bears!


Victory is mine! Now then, let's see what we can do about those pesky polar bears.


Blockbuster is the way to go.


I'm not so convinced Eunice. I told a friend to rent Dr. Strangelove, they went to Blockbuster and they didn't have it...not that it was checked out but they didn't have a single copy ever in stock. Not Blue Velvet, or Vanilla Sky, or Clockwork Orange either. Okay, so what if they didn't have Vanilla Sky but the rest are classics. C'mon Blockbuster. I can't get behind that.


Sprizee - That's why I stopped going to Blockbuster and started hitting Hollywood Video (I have yet to jump in the Netflix pool). HV has a decent selection of classic, B and foreign movies.

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