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Monday, 21 July 2008



This is great. Both things are fun and wish I had thought of it before you.


I still don't see it even with the hint. Maybe because I can see past his dreamy blue eyes.


Upon reflection, George W Bush looks like Alfred Newman. But not anything like that Craig fellow.

And the red button? Are you trying all of your material on me first?


Ha! I'm with Kirk on this one. I find him dreamy (the one on the left).

Dude, my finger hurts from the red button game. Can I have that time back ever?


I recently stalked my first boyfriend down...who has five kids! His poor daughter looks just like Alfred E. Newman. Only she has bigger teeth.


Daniel Craig = dreamy. So I guess you didn't hear Tucker and I during that preview? That's probably a good thing. I think tibadoh was just tuning us out.


Perhaps I should clarify. Do I think the current James Bond is swoon worthy? Hells yes. But based solely on looks alone I think there have been much better looking Bonds in past lives. Of course, I still say he's my favorite (barring Sean Connery) but that has way more to do with his persona than his looks.

I think the attraction equation has less to do looks and more to do with things like personality, intelligence, confidence, and the ability to punch your fist through a wall without flinching. But, those ears totally stick out. Although I'm positive I wouldn't notice if we ever crossed paths. But I still say the first time I saw him, I thought of Mad Mag.

That said, I still say he's hot.


Agreed, Mr. Craig is hot.


Oh, I'm so tempted to edit your comment to include "despite the fact that he looks like that kid from Mad Magazine".


Ooh! I second the favorite ('cept for Sean Connery) thing.


Oooh, that button thing had me hooked. But, I made it through! hahaha


oh, my girl just ran into Daniel Craig in Portland. He was waiting for the bathroom she was in. Kept jiggling the door while she was in there and making her annoyed until she stepped out and saw who it was!


The red button is awesome! I heart Mr. Craig. I think he's a return to what Bond is, more retro-ish so to speak.

And on your netflix list - Amelie is one of my favorites - one of the few movies where I have the movie and the soundtrack.


Yes Amelie is a great movie! I tried to find the soundtrack via iTunes but they didn't have it. Amazon either. Boo.

Diane Mandy

*That* is funny!


I always said that!!, and I'm standing my word!!!.
Since Casino Royale, I figured that Daniel Craig looks a LOOOOOOOOOOOT like Alfred Newman!, hahaha, I knew I was not the only one to figure that!!.


So does former president George W. Bush!

Nichelle S

the first time i saw this actor, I thought the same thing...of course much more handsome...

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