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Tuesday, 26 August 2008



Ohh, noooo. I am so sorry.

I have been worried all day.


My condolences. Safe travels.

Diane Mandy

I'm so sorry, Sprizee,


My condolences to you my friend. Be safe in your travels...I'll keep you and your journey in my thoughts.

chez shoes

Hugs to you. My dad was an ex-Marine alcoholic with a penchant for singing "You Are My Sunshine" also.


Hmmm, brought a tear to my eye for many reasons. Have a safe trip my friend and know that you're a great daughter. Look at the amount of people you inspire on a daily basis. Kudos!


I am so sorry. That made me tear up. Family stuff always hits me hard. Especially non-traditional broken family stuff. You are totally doing the right thing. Drive safe!


Thank you, Sprizee, for sharing this part of your life, letting us hold you in an emotional time. You are so thoughtful with others and introspective too. I second the "totally doing the right thing." You are in my head and heart. And yes, drive safely.

PS Want me to water the plants?


My thoughts are with you. I'm so sorry. Be safe on your trip and take care of yourself.


What can I say? Except I love you and that your writing on this is beautiful. Let me know if you need anything. I'll never forget seeing your dad at your wedding.


Be safe as you drive down to CA. You have a lot of folks thinking about you...


Sorry to hear this.


Everyone, Thank you so much for all your kind words and wishes. I'm really glad I made the decision to take some time off and sort through his things. It's been overwhelming and difficult but also really rewarding. I got to meet the coroner who took the time to track his family down...me. It was wonderul to be able to thank him in person. I have so much respect for what he does on a daily basis. Just amazing.

And I met the building manager at his apartment. My dad had lived there since 1992 and this guy had gone to high school with my dad so he knew him pretty well. He had some interesting stories to share which only cemented my belief that my dad was incredibly generous and forgiving. What I didn't realize is how frail and dependent on others he had become. Seems like he had a lot of people in the community looking out for him. The kindness of strangers is amazing.

I only wish I would have made the choice to get to know my dad better while he was still alive. But I know there is no rewind button in life. So I am learning from this and vow to do better next time.


I'm so sorry to hear this, Sprizee. My dad had a similar experience last year when he finally made it out to Boston to visit his mother in a nursing home, only to learn she'd passed away a couple of years before. The grieving process is tough enough without the added stress/guilt of not being able to deal with the loss when it happens. Hope the sorting thru stuff is going well.


I'm sorry to hear this. I think you are doing the right thing by going down there and I hope it's not too difficult for you. Know that we are thinking of you.


I am so sorry to hear this Sprizee. Keeping you in my thoughts.


I'm glad to hear that it's going OK - sorting through all of that stuff. Take it easy, and take care of yourself. ;)

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