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Friday, 05 September 2008



Larry is different after his wife left

I read crypomonicum. It was a huge book and a good read. I can't tell you anything about it. Go see him.

Stay at the 5th Ave Suites just for the


dammit. the link didn't work:



You're trying to make me cry again right? Damn. I love that you went to his place by car and got to meet some of his neighbors. What a great experience. Sure does make things in life seem a bit more insignificant.

Misty Shock

I just heard Patton Oswalt on TBTL (do you know that radio show?), and he was shockingly unfunny and a really awful interview. It was so strange and painful! It was clear he really didn't want to be doing it.

I've been debating a little bit if I should jump into the world of twitter... You like it?


Misty.... NO, don't go Twitter style on me.


Superbly glad you two are in gorgeous Seattle again. But wow, who can beat the Crater Lake pix? God/Millions of Years was/were in prime performance that day.

Golden or NTKTOK

You don't know me all that well, even tho we did share a place of employment oh so long ago. I just wanted to say that your blog topics couldn't have been more timely. Not that your dad's passing was timely, let me explain. My dad, who is 70 and extremely active, never been sick, was in ICU for almost two weeks. He just came home on Monday. We almost lost him. But, we didn't. It shouldn't take these types of events to open our eyes to the value of each day, but sometimes it does. So, thanks for sharing. I will NEVER take my father for granted again. EVER.


Patton Oswalt is very funny.

That photograph is neat.


Hey S, my DH is a total Neal S. nut and he went to the last reading ... and almost couldn't handle the amount of complete nerdiness that was in the room. And he's a nerd. A great nerd. But even he said he wasn't going to go to this reading. Being as you might not have the energy for it and all.

xo, because I didn't leave flowers.


I'm thinking you have 8 days to binge read some Neal Stephenson. Dilemma solved. No charge.


I would recommend going to see him. even if any 'plot points' are revealed, it's not the reason why one (I?) read(s) the books. It's the discovery of the world he weaves, one thread to the next. Any suspense from a big plot revelation was minuscule compared to the stuff he THOUGHT UP. He is wickahd smaht, I'd love to see him talk!

If you're looking for a foothold, start with Snow Crash. It's very interesting, a shorter read than Cryptonomicron, and since you're online, you'll appreciate the foresight he had in writing it.


Oh, and we stayed in the Jupiter Hotel when we were in Portland. It was cool, I think you guys would like it! We may still join you, but I think it's likely that we'll be pooped out from the poopiness that is September.


Oh, and Egan... why no twitter?


Misty, Word on the street is that place is super loud and the bed aren't that comfy. No?

Oh, and Egan can speak for himself but mostly he's too busy updating his Facebook page sharing his love for kittens and rainbows to be bothered with Twitter as well.


crater lake is still my favorite place in the US to have visited - so beautiful...


You should go see Neal Stephenson, because I can't. Then, you can tell me all about it.


He's also reading Sunday (September 14th) at the Third Place Books in Lake Forrest Park!

And, you can catch a webcast tonight here.

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