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Wednesday, 24 September 2008



Loved Shopgirl. Who knew Steve Martin was an all around dude? You loaned it to me at the cabin...and ohhh I had time to enjoy it there. Wish I could join you on the swing. The Planets are TOTALLY worth a whirl. Mercilessly mocking coworkers for harassing interviewees is always a good move. I have to say, Spriz, that your wide array of musical tastes is HOT!!!


I first heard Joshua Bell on NPR and got like 5 or 6 of his CD's the next day - brilliant.


Stacy, I forgot you borrowed my copy during the snow camping trip. Fun times!

Chris, You've seen the Red Violin, right?


I have not seen that film.


Rent it! Rent it! Then buy the soundtrack. So good.


You really sound like an elitist here, Sprizee. You only need to add a reference arugula and expensive coffee drinks and you'd be the "they" that Sarah Palin talks about.


Oh, and I liked Shopgirl. The Movie was sort of a letdown but very rarely does an adaptation live up to the original.


Yeah, the movie? Not a fan. Except for the one handed maneuver with her watch, I could have totally done without it.


Elitist? Yeah, being educated and having diverse interests is so stupid. Don't get me started on the liberal media calling politicians out when they blatantly lie. Who do they think they are?

Last time I checked the only folks who had a direct line to god were the Republicans, or as we call them in Washington state (when we want to try and distance ourselves from W) the G.O.P. Yeah you know me.


i hate interview questions like that...


I love Shopgirl and Amelie. I should re-read Shopgirl, but with what time? I bet the Amelie soundtrack is the bomb...need to download.

Golden or NTKTOK

I just ordered Shopgirl online. I had no idea the Steve Martin that authored this book was THE Steve Martin.


Seriously, people ask that in interviews? No wonder working with trees is easier.


That is a great quote from Shopgirl. I hope we read it for bookclub 'cause I already have it!

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