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Tuesday, 24 February 2009


chez shoes

You *almost* inspired me to reactivate my Twitter account. Almost :)


I was at Target today and thought of you. Anything in the Orla line you wanted that you couldn't find down south? I spotted a few items but resisted.

sally simpleton

A. At one point, I was reminded of that one time I was running a marathon and sent out that twitter "Hey dr. Google why are my fingers swelling. Mile 21." And the twitter people sent helpful texts on how to resolve the issue at the next water station. (I.E. DRINK MORE WATER. I was worried about overhydration.)

B. Also, the part where Luke Burbank talks about wanting to get an RSS feed of mentions of him on the Internet? Tibadoh and I, basically at the same time, said, "Um, Google Alerts?"

sally simpleton

I guess my whole comment didn't post. Strange. Started with "Thoughts while listening to your's and Wheelson's Twitter commentary."

Okay, so here's the third thing:
C. The Tens Opera night cracks me up.

I might have had a fourth. But oh well the Internet swallowed it.


SallyS, I thought the same thing but didn't think that was the right time to mention it. I have a little special surprise in the works that uses that very technology from Google.

Baileys - now officially a nerve tonic according to Sprizee.

sally simpleton

OH! I just remembered D.

Did y'all hear Will Smith using "Boom Goes the Dynamite" during the Oscars the other night? I thought of y'all and TBTL right away.


Sally, I didn't realize the comments here had a character limit. At least it isn't 140 characters like over at Twitter! The Dude and I are thinking about going to the opera that night. You should go too. Karaoke afterwards AT THE OPERA. Need I say more?

Wheelson, Thanks for letting me drag you along. That, and the Baileys, kept me calm enough to form sentences and sound semi-intelligent. You think I could get some sort of sponsorship from the folks at Baileys? What if I mention it over and over and over again? Baileys, Baileys, Baileys!

Sally, Sure did. Luke and Jen also mentioned it on air about 15 minutes before our segment. I know this because I was staring at them both in studio. Of course, folks just listening to the radio then know this too since it was on air and all. But still, being there, in studio, was surreal.


This is me, not commenting.

OK, I just can't do it, sorry! You have almost convinced me to try to tweet. I really don't need yet another thing to check, so still on the fence.


Well, congrats on your 18 minutes. Does this mean this blog will only be posts about TBTL for the next six months? Twitter is the shit, it truly is. Go tweets!


I'm listening to you, Luke, and Neilson chatting about Twitter. I have to agree with Luke's assessment of boring Tweets. My keyboard does not smell like curry.

I have to say it's freaky to hear your voice on the air. You love love love Twitter.


Maya, I know what you mean. That's how I feel about Facebook.

Egan, It's true. Whatever I love I REALLY love. TBTL, Twitter, my friends, chocolate, knee socks, leather boots, and adorable kids. That's how that works.


I just listened to it today and agree 100000% with Maya. I've been on the fence with it, but have a big fear that I'll be that "My keyboard smells like curry" person. But I loved the show!


And you know yourself very well... a key skill many lack.


Amy, Actually I thought the keyboard curry update was sort of hilarious. But I totally see your point.

Egan, Takes one to know one.


Shaking my fist at you....signed up for Twitter and now I totally "get" it and love it. I should have just listened to you from the get go.

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