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Monday, 23 March 2009



sit tight mama, daddy's gotta fight


I heart Jack Black. Although, can I say? I caught the middle and end of Be Kind Rewind at the hotel in NOLA at maybe 2AM and it seemed sorta too sappy and not that funny. Maybe I just needed to see the first half? But it seemed formulaic and generally too predictable.

sally simpleton

Plz remind me it's Friday when that day gets here.

Oh...wait. I'll be in New Orleans! Crap. I mean yay! I will eat beignets in your honor.


I know! I'm sad that you're going to miss my birthday party! :(

Eat a Hubig's pie for me!

Want me to pick up a ticket for you? It's the day we return from Vancouver, BC. I figure you might be a wee bit exhausted from the marathoning.


So the tickets go on sale which happens to be a special day in your life. Perhaps someone will do something about this.


Did you get your birthday tickets?


Egan, Perhaps someone that doesn't know me that well. Not a huge Shins fan.


Got it. You speak good Code.

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