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Monday, 13 April 2009



Shit, that's no good about the pay cuts. Maybe this will be just the incentive you need to start your own business with me. What do you say?

I could do Portland in a heartbeat. It really is a great city and they've got a fantastic public transit system. ROMF?


No good is right. You would make an awesome small business owner. I'd consider myself blessed if we ever went into business together. My dream job involves letterpressed cards, walking to work, handmade lattes, fresh pastries, neighborhood regulars everyone knows by name and a bunch of other things I haven't figured out quite yet.

Portland was great, but I also really loved New Orleans when I was down there. Of course, I think I might like NOLA a tiny bit less in the middle of summer, in the stifling heat. I'm all about public transportation.

Recession On Mother F****er.

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