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Monday, 24 August 2009



Yeah, I have some recommendations. The Shedd Aquarium recently got a facelift and is supposed to be awesome. It's like the San Diego Zoo of aquariums.

I notice many of your attractions on the north side of town. I haven't spent much time there. When do you leave?


Ooh, good idea Egan! I'll be there September 8-15 although most of the 12th with be all things U2. Yeah, I'm staying at Hotel Allegro and hoping I won't have to rent a car, but if there's something worth seeing I'm up for the public transportation or hitchhiking with strangers that might kill me. Viva la adventure!


I second the Shedd idea. It's pretty incredible. Millennium Park is fun. You'll love Chicago, it's a great city.


Ooh, I've heard really great things about Millennium park. Thanks!


If you happen to like shopping I hear there are some decent shops on Michigan Avenue.


My spouse suggests the architecture tour, the boat one.

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